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Product Development

As one of the largest global aluminum die casters with nearly 80 years of experience, Ryobi is often the first company customers contact for large, complex, difficult to produce parts. In addition to our very large global fleet of high pressure die cast machines, Ryobi Ltd. Japan also has one of the largest, technically advanced tool and die shops in the world and is well known for designing and building world-class casting dies. Ryobi Die Casting in North America is leading the North American industry for large high-pressure aluminum die castings. As a tier-one and tier-two supplier to the automotive industry, we are well known for delivering high quality parts on time and frequently receive customer awards.


Advanced Engineering and Robotics

Using CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) of the die cast process, Ryobi ensures the best possible die configuration and initial casting process setup.  Unique die designs built to very tight tolerances are critical to customer satisfaction.  During the process validation stage, we continue to utilize CAE and our deep engineering know-how to successfully launch even difficult parts.  Our die cast machine fleet has high speed, high vacuum capabilities and can produce high integrity castings that can be welded and heat-treated.  One key capability for this is the world-renowned Ryobi patented vacuum valve system known as RSV.  All these technologies are critical to be able to produce high integrity vehicle structural components.   


In addition to our casting processes, our post casting processes of finishing, machining, and assembly use the latest in robotic technologies including cobots, or collaborative robots.

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